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    Socio-cultural initiative “Virtuosi for Moscow”

    The socio-cultural initiative “Virtuosi for Moscow” can rightfully be considered the social mission of the orchestra. As part of the project, an annual series of charity concerts is held in public and private organizations of the capital, aimed at supporting vulnerable groups of the population.

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    Music festival “Formula of Harmony”

    In 2021, the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, the “Moscow Virtuosi” State Chamber Orchestra established the annual festival “Formula of Harmony”, which takes place exclusively in Russian science cities, acquainting their residents with the best examples of classical music.

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    Special Programmes

    Mystery concert «The Four Seasons. Reinterpretation»

    The conceptual program combines the music of the Baroque era with works of the 20th century. The climax of the evening is the performance of “The Four Seasons” by Max Richter, a contemporary composer who, in 2012, recomposed the famous Antonio Vivaldi cycle.

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    Mozart and Salieri

    The “Moscow Virtuosi” present a family programme “Mozart and Salieri”, and reminds the audience about the legend about these composers, which was reflected in Pushkin’s “little tragedy”.

    In the first part, the composers’ most famous symphonies are performed. The second part presents the opera “Mozart and Salieri” by Rimsky-Korsakov. This is a real theatrical performance, and its main characters are two friends who live in our time.

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    “Akhmatova and Mayakovsky: a meeting that never happened”

    The “Moscow Virtuosi” Chamber Orchestra and actors Yulia Avsharova and Yuri Anpilogov invite the audience to a literary and musical evening with the intriguing title “Akhmatova and Mayakovsky: a meeting that never happened”. The programme includes famous works of Russian classical music, and poems by Anna Akhmatova and Vladimir Mayakovsky.

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    Programmes for children

    At the concerts of the “Musical laboratory of the Moscow Virtuosi”, important and entertaining facts from the world of science, medicine and technology are told in an easy and accessible form, and relevant musical works accompany the informative part.

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    Educational programmes, during which a group of orchestra soloists perform works by one particular composer, and the orchestra first violin, Alexey Lundin, tells the audience more about him.

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    Play with the Virtuosi

    «‎Play with the Virtuosi» is an online project created by musicians of the «‎Moscow Virtuosi» chamber orchestra for musicians of different levels of training.

    You can watch a recording of the performance of chamber music, and afterwards watch the same video without your instrument’s part, and play it yourself!

    The catalog includes works of various levels of difficulty and will be regularly updated so that everyone can find the right material for themselves.

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