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    Constitutive documents


    Paid services and benefits

    Types of services provided:

    List of main paid services:

    1. Creation of concerts, concert programmes, music and theatre performances, programmes, both in-house and with the involvement of other legal entities and individuals on a contractual basis, to be shown on their own or rented stages, including abroad, to be broadcast on television and radio, for filming and video and for recording on other material media
    2. Conducting laboratories, training seminars and workshops (practical exercises) in the field of music management, master classes, internships with leading masters and artists, other programmes to improve the professional skills of employees and ensure the continuity of the art school
    3. Organization and conduct of tours in the Russian Federation and abroad

    List of paid services not related to core activities:

    1. Sale of entrance tickets
    2. Provision of advertising and image services for joint cultural and creative events
    3. Preparation, creation and implementation of audio recordings, photo, film, video and other audio, photo, film, video products, TV and radio programmes, film, video, audio, photo and other multimedia products; granting the right to photo, video and film shooting
    4. Use for advertising and commercial purposes of own name, symbols, reproductions of documents stored in the Institution, as well as granting such right to other legal entities and individuals in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
    5. Organisation of internships, seminars, conferences, lectures and master classes by leading masters of the performing and stage arts

    Operating results

    Independent quality assessment

    This section was created in accordance with Federal Law No. 256-FZ of 21 July 2014 «‎On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on the Independent Assessment of the Quality of Service Provision by Cultural Organizations, Social Services, Healthcare and Education» in order to post relevant information on the independent assessment, as well as to ensure that recipients of services can express their views on the quality of service provision by cultural organizations.

    Dear visitors, please take part in the evaluation of the Moscow Virtuosi Orchestra. It will take no more than two minutes.

    The quality of services provided by the orchestra can be assessed on the website bus.gov.ru.

    The results of the independent assessment are available on the website bus.gov.ru

    To learn more about independent evaluation, please visit www.mos.ru/kultura.

    Suggestions for improving the quality of services can be sent by e-mail virtuozimoskvi@culture.mos.ru.

    Special assessment of working conditions

    According to a special assessment of working conditions, working conditions at workplaces are acceptable. This information is published in accordance with Clause 6 of Article 15 of Federal Law No. 426-FZ «‎On Special Assessment of Working Conditions» of 28 December 2013.

    Annual financial statements of the institution

    HR documentation

    Protection of personal data

    Charitable donations and earmarked contributions

    Countering the ideology of extremism and terrorism

    Countering corruption

    Public prevention of influenza, acute respiratory infections and coronoviral infections

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