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  • 14 January, 2020, Tuesday, 19:00

    Moscow Moscow International House of Music (Svetlanovsky Hall)

    X Moscow Christmas festival of sacred music

    The programme is suitable for the age group 6 +

    They participate in the concert:

    Vasily Ladyuk (baritone)

    Lyudmila Golub (organ)

    Moscow Synodal Choir

    Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk

    1 branch
    I.S. Bach. Four chorals from the «‎Organ Book» BWV 606, 613, 614, 615.
    «Vom Himmel hoch, du komm ich her» («I came down from heaven to you»)
    «Helft mir Gotts Gute preisen» («Help me praise the Lord»)
    «Das alte Jahr vergangen ist» («The old year has passed»)
    «In dir ist Freude» («Joy in you»)

    Cantata «Ich habe genug» («I’ve had enough.») BWV 82

    2 branch 
    Domenico Scarlatti. Three sonatas for organ:
    in C Major (K 420), in G Major (K 132), in G Minor (K 31)

    Stabat Mater («The Mother of Sorrow was standing»)

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