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  • 13 February, 2021, Saturday, 19:00

    Moscow «Philharmonic-2». S.V. Rachmaninoff Concert Hall

    Music bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Third concert of the «Moscow Virtuosi» subscription at Philharmonic Hall 2

    Programm for people older than 6 y.o.

    Conductor and soloists

    Alexander Solovyov (conductor)

    Anastasia Belukova (soprano)

    David Posulikhin (tenor)

    1 branch

    J. Strauss. Overture to the operetta “Night in Venice”
    Wine, Women and Songs Waltz, op. cit. 333
    Waltz “Roses of the South”, op. 388 from the operetta “Queen’s Lace Handkerchief”.
    Polka “Fast in Dance and Love” from the operetta “The Queen’s Lace Handkerchief”, Op. 393.
    French Polka ‘In the Krapfen Forest’, op. cit. 336
    Mazurka polka “Shalunya”.
    Waltz “Hug, millions”
    Waltz “Tales of the Vienna Woods”.

    2 branch

    H. Miller. Moonlight Serenade – from “Sun Valley Serenade”. A. Strelnikov’s arrangement

    E. de Curtis. Non ti scordar di me (Do not forget me)
    Soloist – artist of the Bolshoi Theatre Youth Opera Programme David Posulikhin (tenor)

    G. Puccini. Aria Lauretta from the opera Gianni Skikki
    Soloist – soloist of the New Opera Theatre Anastasia Belukova (soprano)

    F. Gulda. Hymn to Beauty

    L. Denza. Funiculì, Funiculà (On a swing)
    E. Cannio. O Surdato ‘Nnamurato (Soldier in Love)
    Soloist – David Posulikhin

    L. Arditi. Kiss
    L. Delibe. Spanish song
    Soloist – Anastasia Belukova

    G. Warren. In The Mood – from Sun Valley Serenade. A. Strelnikov’s arrangement

    J. Verdi. The duo of Violetta and Alfred “Parigi o cara” from the opera “La Traviata”.
    J. Verdi. The duo of Violetta and Alfred “Brindisi” from the opera “La Traviata”.
    Soloists: Anastasia Belukova and David Posulikhin

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