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  • 27 December, Sunday, 19:00

    Moscow Moscow International House of Music (Chamber Hall)

    Subscription «Moscow Virtuosi». Chamber Night"

    Programm for all ages


    Lev Yomdin (violin)

    Alexey Strelnikov (violin)

    Vitaly Handras (violin)

    Anton Kulapov (viola)

    Alexey Kropotov (cello)

    Daniel Shavirin (cello)

    1 branch

    L. van Beethoven. String Quartet No 8 in E Minor (“Razumovsky”), Op. cit. 59 №2
    Laureate of international competitions Lev Iomdin, Honoured Artist of Kabardino-Balkaria Vitaly Khandras (violins), Honoured Artist of Russia Anton Kulapov (viola), laureate of international competitions Alexei Kropotov (cello).

    2 branch

    P. Locatelli. Concerto for violin and orchestra, op. cit. 3 № 1
    Soloist – Honoured Artist of Russia Alexei Strelnikov

    P.I. Tchaikovsky. Pezzo Capriccioso for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 62
    Soloist – winner of international competitions Daniil Shavirin

    F. Mendelson. Symphony No. 7 for strings


    The programme is performed without a conductor

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