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  • Musical laboratory of the “Moscow Virtuosi”

    Musicians of the world-famous “Moscow Virtuosi” orchestra — caring mothers and fathers who strive for the all-round development and education of their children — have created a series of unusual educational programmes that combine science and music. At these concerts, important and entertaining facts from the world of science, medicine and technology are told in an easy and accessible form, and relevant musical works accompany the informative part. Children not only receive the knowledge that can change their lives tomorrow, but also learn how to apply it today.

    The cycle includes such programs as “Music and Physics”, “Music and Mathematics”, “Music and Geography”, “Birth of Sound”, “Music and the Brain”, “Language of Music”.

    The authors of the project are teacher, journalist, author of scientific literature Ilya Kolmanovsky,  and musician Yury Dashevsky.

    The host is an engineer-physicist, a specialist in sound physics Philip Ryabov.

    The programmes are performed without a conductor.

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