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  • Music festival “Formula of Harmony”

    In 2021, the Year of Science and Technology in Russia, the “Moscow Virtuosi” State Chamber Orchestra established the annual festival “Formula of Harmony”, which takes place exclusively in Russian science cities, acquainting their residents with the best examples of classical music. Despite their small size, the importance of these cities for the country can hardly be overestimated. On the emblem of the festival there are two outstanding figures of science and art, symbolizing their close relationship: scientist and poet Mikhail. Lomonosov, and composer and chemist Alexander Borodin. It is also important that the festival program is not limited to concerts: soloists of the orchestra also conduct master classes for pupils of local music schools. The transfer of knowledge and skills to younger generations is crucial both in music and in science.

    Festival concerts have already been held with great success in Pushchino in 2021 and in Sarov in 2022. The heads of city administrations and concert halls call the festival a real gift to science cities.

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