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  • Play with the Virtuosi

    «‎Play with the Virtuosi» is an online project created by musicians of the «‎Moscow Virtuosi» chamber orchestra for musicians of different levels of training.

    If in real life it is impossible to assemble a full-fledged ensemble, if your current profession is not connected with music, but your soul misses your creativity — play with the «‎Virtuosi»!

    Wherever you are, the project will allow you to play with the musicians of one of the best chamber orchestras in the world.

    You can watch a recording of the performance of chamber music, and afterwards watch the same video without your instrument’s part, and play it yourself!

    The catalog includes works of various levels of difficulty and will be regularly updated so that everyone can find the right material for themselves.

    Brief instruction:

    1. Choose the composer and the composition you are interested in.

    2. Play the video according to your instrument. When you start the video, you will first see the performance of all the parts by our musicians, and after a short pause, the score of your part will appear on the screen, and the composition will sound without your instrument’s part.

    3. Enjoy the music!

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