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  • On 28 October, the Moscow International House of Music hosted the «‎Moscow Virtuosi» concert, entirely dedicated to the work of Astor Piazzolla.

    19 November 2013

    That evening, the most famous and beloved works created by a great Argentinean were performed: the violin suite with orchestra «‎History of the Tango» in 4 parts, the cycle «‎Seasons in Buenos Aires», tango «‎Prep? Ave Maria, Oblivion, Milonga Del Angel, Muerte del ?ngel, Libertango, Escualo as well as the vocal compositions Ave Maria and Yo soy Maria». A transcription for the chamber orchestra of many of them was made by Alexei Strelnikov.


    The concert featured soloists from the orchestra: Honoured Artist of Russia Evgeny Shulkov, Honoured Artists of Kabardino-Balkaria Vitaly Khandras and Georgy Cai, laureates of international competitions Ripsime Airapetiants, Lev Iomdin and Tikhon Lukyanenko, Evgeny Stembolsky, Alexey Strelnikov, Denis Shulgin (violins), as well as winners of international competitions Leonid Drutin (saxophone), Alexandra Sherling (vocal) and Nikita Vlasov (accordion). Vladimir Simkin, Honoured Artist of Russia and Honoured Art Worker of Russia, was at the conductor’s desk. Some works were accompanied by the performance of international class dancers, specialists in Argentine tango Peter Likhachev and Tina Gizatulina.


    The concert was supported by the official partner of the Russian Railways Orchestra. We also thank our partners Henderson-Russia and European Medical Center. (GEMC), Volvo Car Corporation.

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