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  • Online festival «‎Vladimir Spivakov invites… to the screen».

    24 March 2020

    Friends, we are pleased to announce that we are starting the online festival «‎Vladimir Spivakov invites… to the screen» and in the near future we will share regularly in our social networks the recordings of the orchestra performances.

    «‎Today, this is almost the only opportunity to remind that only the love of Man to Man will save this world», – says Vladimir Spivakov. – That’s why people I work with play and feel the sincere love coming from me. Every person should know and understand that I care about him. This is the whole secret of successful work. Just ten days ago we opened our wonderful New Hall with the State Chamber Orchestra «‎Moscow Virtuosi» and soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Anna Aglatova. The audience standing up to us applauded, there was an amazing atmosphere of unity of souls, opened towards each other, who fully felt the very love of Man for Man. This is the feeling we need today more than ever.

    The link to the first concert has already been published. Follow the news in our social networks!

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