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  • In the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow “Virtuosi of Moscow” the next meeting of employees of collective has taken place with the representative of Professional rescue formation “Spetsgorspas”, a theme of employment – measures on prevention of a new coronavirus infection and prevention of distribution of ideology of terrorism

    25 February 2020

    The following topics were discussed during this meeting:
    – basic measures to prevent infections in public places;
    – possible symptoms of COVID-19 coronavirus;
    – measures to prevent new coronavirus infection;
    – Intentional coronavirus infection as an act of terrorism;
    – methods and ways to combat the spread of terrorist ideology.

    The staff of the institution had the opportunity to ask questions and receive instructions on how to prevent coronavirus infection. The team would like to thank Pyotr Igorevich Bratyshev for his participation and conducting this event.

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