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  • «‎Moscow Virtuosi» – for children

    6 February 2014

    On 15 February 2014, the Moscow International House of Music «‎Moscow Virtuosi» will play «‎A Stringed Fairytale» and a series of plays «‎Children’s Corner».


    The repertoire of «‎Virtuosos» includes countless different programmes: classical programmes; music in synthesis with other art forms; with the participation of renowned soloists of the world music scene and young talents. On this day, children and adults will witness a bright and unexpected premiere with an unusual stage and interactive solution.


    The Music programme, designed for spectators of all ages, will feature: «‎A Strange String Tale» for the chamber orchestra and reader E. Podgaitz and «‎The Children’s Corner» – 5 pieces for listeners and M. Bronner’s chamber orchestra: 1. «‎The Frog and the Sparrow». 2. «‎The Cuckoo». 3. «‎The Waltz of a Sad Donkey». 4. «‎The monkey is dreaming…» 5. «‎Song of an old goat». The audience will learn the story of the Princess of the Violin, Prince Alta and King Contrabass, and then travel with the orchestra to the fabulous Land of Childhood.

    The artistic word is Efrem Podgaitz. Conductor – Evgeny Bushkov.


    Start at 13.00

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