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  • «‎Moscow Virtuosi» in time machine-2

    17 February 2014

    On 18 February 2014, the Chamber Hall of the Moscow International House of Music will host the second concert of the season ticket «‎Moscow Virtuosi» in a time machine».


    The ensemble’s vast repertoire allows the musicians to travel both in time and space, fascinatingly telling viewers about the most important musical trends and outstanding phenomena in the art world. By tradition, in the «‎Moscow Virtuosi» season ticket in the time machine, the musicians perform without a conductor, showing the audience an amazing ensemble coherence and unity.


    At the same time, rare opuses from 200-250 years ago adjoin well-known works of the new era, such as Britten’s Variations on Bridge Theme. This work can be considered the hallmark of the entire subscription: paying tribute to his teacher Frank Bridge, Britten transforms one of the themes of his Three Idylls into a variation form. The programme also includes Paganini’s «‎Big Quartet for Strings in E Flat Major», Beethoven’s «‎Sextet for Two French horns and String Quartet in E flat major», Rameau’s «‎Concerto No. 6 for three violins, viola and two cellos».


    The musical programme of the evening is intended for spectators over 6 years (6+).


    Start at 19.00

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