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  • Alyabyev Autumn in Tyumen

    www.vsluh.ru (Tyumen)

    on 6 October, 2002

    Of course, the main cultural event of the week was the “Alyabiev Autumn”. But it is possible to argue about who became the main character of the music festival.

    The first concert of the “Alyabiev Autumn” on 29 September gathered a full house – all tickets were bought for the performance of “Moscow Virtuosi” under the direction of Vladimir Spivakov – and five hundred rubles and two thousand.

    But the public’s interest in the renowned orchestra, especially its charming conductor, is understandable and predictable. Spivakov’s listeners in Tyumen love him and treat him somehow even in a kindred way. And the star conductor treats the audience without arrogance. “Moscow Virtuosi” has always considered it important to entice anyone, even unprepared listeners, to infect them with interest in chamber music.

    Spivakov generously beats, giving the Tyumen people, who listened attentively to Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky, “candy” in the form of popular classical and modern melodies. It is no secret that many listeners enjoy Vladimir Spivakov’s concerts the most in the last half an hour, during these encore releases.


    www.vsluh.ru (Tyumen) (06 October 2002)

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