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  • Conductor Spivakov: art gives a person the strength to overcome all difficulties

    IA Red Spring

    on 30 March, 2020

    Today’s situation with the coronavirus has shown that it is necessary to support science, doctors and the arts, said well-known conductor and violinist Vladimir Spivakov in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta on 30 March.

    The conductor said that the world is facing a very difficult economic situation. But even in this situation, we must rely on people’s consciousness.

    «As they say, it’s not the same as before. But I think the country will draw important conclusions from this history and that the financial support of many institutions and industries will now be reviewed», Spivakov said.

    And he explained that many people in normal times underestimate the work of scientists: «Because many people think so: here, people sit in laboratories, grow bacteria, what do they do there? Nonsense. But it turns out that this is not nonsense!»

    According to the musician, experience in the current situation indicates that it is necessary to support science and doctors.

    And also «it is necessary to support art, because art is not only the sublime image of the state, but what shapes a person as a person, gives him the strength to overcome all difficulties», Spivakov emphasised.

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