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    "Our Newspaper"

    on 26 October, 2005

    The highest level of performance proves the orchestra’s right to such an ambitious name “Moscow Virtuosi” – last Saturday the Daugavpils were also able to see this.

    “An orchestra of inexhaustible possibilities and a hundred percent emotional return” – this is how strict and exacting critics say about these musicians, who find it extremely difficult to surprise with anything The concerts of “Virtuosos” collect full houses all over the world, they are expected not only to enjoy music that caresses the ears – they are expected to perform a small miracle. And the orchestra never fails to deceive these expectations. The highest level of performance proves the orchestra’s right to such an ambitious name “Moscow Virtuosi” – last Saturday the Daugavpils could see it. And after the concert “Nasha Gazeta” managed to talk to one of the most famous conductors of the world – Vladimir Spivakov. Unfortunately, the time for the interview was limited: tired musicians rushed to Riga.

    – Vladimir, this is the third time you have performed on the Daugavpils stage…

    – I love your city, your audience. Moreover, I have another connection with you – through a charity foundation. Children from Daugavpils take part in my concerts, including those abroad. It is very important to me that the cultural field does not collapse.

    The Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Fund was established in 1994. During these 11 years, 4,000 children have received support free of charge, 2000 concerts have been organised in Russian cities and abroad, more than 300 art exhibitions have been held, more than 1,000 people are participating in the programmes of the Spivakov International Charity Fund (350 of them are laureates of international competitions and festivals), 200 musical instruments have been donated, funds have been allocated for medical examinations of 150 people and 90 surgical operations have been assisted.

    – Classical music today is in “isolation” – alas, “popsa” is triumphant.

    – Because they invest in it, forgetting that it is a fast-paced phenomenon. People come, sing a few songs and disappear like butterflies. And the eternal music of Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky. It is like the Gospel: you need to know it, you need to cherish this imperishable heritage. After all, art affects the human soul in the most mysterious ways, it is part of spiritual education. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    – When you gave charity concerts for several thousand Japanese children, many of them slept peacefully. Why do they need to do this, she asks?

    – Indeed, I asked the professor at the Tokyo Conservatory who gave the concert: “Wasn’t the programme too difficult for them? And you know what he said to me? “If a few of these three thousand children are pierced with emotions, our nation will become richer”… I remember these words well – this is how you approach your people, your children.

    – You personally know the richest people in this world. And they are adherents of what kind of music?

    – As a rule, classical music. For example, the richest man in France, Mr Bernard Arnault. The owner of the Louis Vuitton Corporation, which owns all the luxury and luxury of Paris – from the fashion houses Dior, Givanshi, Lacroix, to the financial publication Tribune, the famous vineyard Château d’Ikem, Hennessey, the House of Pérignon (his possessions can be endlessly enumerated) himself perfectly plays the piano and supports major French classical music exhibitions and festivals.

    In 2000, one of the remarkable events of the Musical Meetings in France, led by Mstislav Rostropovich, was the duo of Vladimir Spivakov and the Canadian pianist Hélène Mercier (wife of Bernard Arnault). The musicians were inspired by Schubert, Beethoven and Franck, and the sheet music on stage was turned over by hand… Bernard Arnault himself, owner of a fortune of 134 billion francs.

    – They say you also have a warm relationship with the Spanish Prince Felipe?

    – We did indeed become very friends when we lived in Spain for several years and worked under the patronage of his foundation. A couple of years ago, Prince Felipe invited his wife and I to his wedding. And after the celebration, he wrote a personal letter and sent a photograph together with Leticia. I remember when we received it, Sati said: “This is what royal education means”. After all, almost two thousand people attended the celebration.

    The wedding of the future King of Spain (which cost the State Treasury 22 million euros) was attended by representatives of 40 royal houses from around the world, heads of state: Queen Rania of Jordan, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Crown Prince Albert, Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela, Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan, Crown Prince William-Alexander of the Netherlands, etc. Among those invited from Russia were only Vladimir Spivakov and his wife and the Secretary of the Security Council, Igor Ivanov, and his wife.

    – You had many opportunities to stay abroad. Why were they not used?

    – I can work everywhere, but I can only live in Russia. I love her, my roots are here. Remember Brodsky: “I don’t want to choose either the country or the pogost. I will come to Vasilyevsky Island to die…” A person always has the desire to go back to where they were born – it’s natural.

    – When did you stop worrying about going on stage?

    – I haven’t gotten rid of that feeling, I still worry before I go out. The only distraction is the responsibility for everything that happens on stage. And as a conductor, I have to give my musicians peace of mind.

    – How can you let yourself be relaxed after the concert?

    – Today? (Laughs) A trip to Riga.

    – I mean a buffet.

    — Nothing. We are a smoking orchestra, yes. But we are a non-smoker. (smiles.)

    Irina Khotuleva

    “Our Newspaper” (26 October 2005)

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