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  • Mozart and Salieri

    The “Moscow Virtuosi” present a family programme “Mozart and Salieri”, and reminds the audience about the legend about these composers, which was reflected in Pushkin’s “little tragedy”.

    In the first part, the composers’ most famous symphonies are performed: Salieri’s Venetian Symphony and Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. The audience can compare the works and reflect on the extent of the composers’ talent.

    The second part presents the opera “Mozart and Salieri” by Rimsky-Korsakov. This is a real theatrical performance, and its main characters are
    two friends who live in our time. One chose a career and social life, the other is a bohemian musician, not constrained by any framework. Both are successful, but in the soul of one, envy is born from the realization of the talent of the other. Destructive envy, about which Pushkin wrote and which is so easy to imagine these days.

    The programme conductor is Arsenty Tkachenko. Deputy Artistic Director of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, permanent guest conductor of the “Moscow Virtuosi”, he has collaborated with famous soloists, including Alexander Ghindin, Boris Berezovsky, Dmitry Masleev, Pavel Milyukov, Alexei Volodin, Alexander Knyazev, Alexei Melnikov, Konstantin Emelyanov, Ivan Bessonov and Polina Osetinskaya.

    The main roles are performed by the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater Yaroslav Abaimov (tenor) and Igor Podoplelov (baritone). Choral episodes are performed by the Academic Grand Choir “Masters of Choral Singing” (artistic director and principal conductor – Lev Kontorovich).

    The stage director is Ramune Khodorkaite. As a guest actress and choreographer, she collaborates with the Bolshoi Theater, the Moscow Art Theater, Fomenko Theatre, Sovremennik, and many other theaters. At the invitation of Andrei Konchalovsky, she participated in Italian productions of “Boris Godunov”, “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Oedipus in Colon”. She was a director and choreographer in Konchalovsky’s rock opera “Crime and Punishment”.

    The production designer is Vasilisa Kutuzova, whose shows are on at the Natalia Sats Theater, Drama and Directing Center, Cultural
    ZIL Center and others. Vasilisa collaborated with GES-2 and the Bakhrushinsky Museum, participated in Russian and international festivals.

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