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  • “Akhmatova and Mayakovsky: a meeting that never happened”

    The “Moscow Virtuosi” Chamber Orchestra and actors Yulia Avsharova and Yuri Anpilogov invite the audience to a literary and musical evening with the intriguing title “Akhmatova and Mayakovsky: a meeting that never happened”. The programme includes famous works of Russian classical music, and poems by Anna Akhmatova and Vladimir Mayakovsky.

    The poetry and mindset of Akhmatova and Mayakovsky are incredibly different. You will be able to understand and feel this difference thanks to the staging based on the article by Korney Chukovsky “Akhmatova and Mayakovsky”. “Let Akhmatova depict love by describing light touches of the hand and barely noticeable movements of the lips — Mayakovsky needs a hundred-eyed glow, a hundred-mile fire,” is just one of Chukovsky’s examples.

    Conductor — Jeremy Walker (Great Britain — Russia).

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