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  • 28 December, 2021, Tuesday, 20:00

    Moscow Moscow International Performing Arts Centre (Chamber Hall)

    Concert to Alexey Lundin's birthday

    The programme is suitable for the age group 6 +

    Conductor and soloists

    Arsenty Tkachenko (conductor)

    Alexey Lundin (violin)

    Lev Iomdin (violin)

    Vasiliy Danilets (viola)

    Andrey Stepin (double bass)

    Emil Miroslavsky (oboe)

    Mikhail Shtanko (oboe)

    Stanislav Davydov (French horn)

    Sergey Korobov (French horn)

    Dear spectators,

    Please be advised that you need a QR-code and your passport to enter the concert hall.

    The programme includes pieces by Vivaldi, Podgaits, Mozart, and Schnittke.


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