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  • 9 October, 2022, Sunday, 13:00

    Moscow Moscow International Performing Arts Centre (Chamber Hall)

    A series of popular science lecture-concerts "Musical Laboratory of the Moscow Virtuosi". Lecture 1 "The Birth of Sound"

    The programme is suitable for the age group 6 +

    Philipp Ryabov (presenter)

    Ilya Kolmanovsky (author of the idea)

    Yury Dashevsky (author of the idea)

    Sergei Bezrodny (piano)

    Georgy Tsay (violin)

    Andrey Martynenko (double bass)

    Emil Miroslavsky (oboe)

    Stanislav Davydov (French horn)

    During the first lecture-concert “The Birth of Sound” we will talk about musical instruments and the difference of sound creation.

    The programme will include pieces by Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens, Bottesini, Debussy, and others.

    The programme is performed without a conductor.

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