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  • 31 January, 2020, Friday, 19:00

    Moscow Moscow International House of Music (Chamber Hall)

    The second concert of the subscriptions «‎Moscow Virtuosi. Chamber Nights». The programme is performed without a conductor.

    The programme is suitable for the age group 6 +


    Alexey Lundin (violin)

    Alexey Strelnikov (violin)

    Petr Nikiforov (violin)

    Galiya Zharova (violin)

    Timur Vorotnikov (violin)

    Vasiliy Danilets (viola)

    Leonid Bakulin (double bass)

    Alexander Nepomniashchy (viola)

    1 branch

    L. van Beethoven. Trio No 4 for violin, viola and cello in D Major, op. cit. 9 №2 

    J.C. de Arriaga. Quarter No. 1 for strings in C Minor 

    I.S. Bach. Concerto for three violins and orchestra in D Major, BWV 1064R
    Soloists: Honoured Artists of Russia Alexei Lundin and Alexei Strelnikov, laureate of international competitions Peter Nikiforov.

    2 branch

    W.A. Mozart. Serenata notturna Serenade No. 6 in D Major for strings and kettledrums, KV 239
    Soloists: Galiya Zharova, Timur Vorotnikov, Vasily Danilets, Leonid Bakulin, Alexei Strelnikov

    G. Cassado. Requiebros («‎Memories») for cello and orchestra
    Soloist – laureate of international competitions Alexander Nepomniashchiy 

    А. Romero. Fuga con Pajarillo (Fuga in the Spirit of Paharillo)

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