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  • Alexey Strelnikov

    Instrumentalist and arranger, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation

    Alexey Strelnikov was born in Valdai. Graduated from the Central Moscow Conservatory, the Moscow Conservatory and Assistant Professor V.A. Klimov, Professor A.A. Melnikov and S.G. Girschenko.

    He worked at the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia and the State Chamber Orchestra under K. Orbelian, and collaborated with many ensembles of early and contemporary music. He has also participated as a soloist in various ensembles at festivals: «‎Days of Ancient Music in Moscow», «‎Alternative», «‎In Memory of O. Kagan», «‎December Nights», «‎Taneyev Festival», «‎Dialogue», «‎Window to the Netherlands», «‎Bach and French Baroque» in Switzerland, «‎Sacro art» in Germany.

    Since 2000, he has frequently performed with the Bryansk Orchestra (conductor – E. Hambardzumyan). He has performed Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, all of Mendelssohn’s concerti, Mozart’s Fourth Concerto and Symphony-Concertante, Vivaldi’s concerti, Bach’s concerti, and many violin pieces in his own orchestration.

    With the chamber orchestra «‎Musica Viva» he performed as a conductor in Moscow and as a soloist at festivals in St. Gallen and Dinard.

    From 1994 to the present day, he has played in Kaluga more than a hundred solo concerts with ensembles as a conductor and soloist with the Kaluga Municipal Chamber Orchestra, including his own children. In 2008, the House of Music in Kaluga hosted a personal photo exhibition.

    As a violinist of the «‎Taneyev Music Society» he has played many ensemble concerts of Russian music, including 4 concerts at the Russian Music Festival in London in 2006.

    Since 1997 he has been working at the Moscow Conservatory as a modern violin teacher in the Faculty of Historical and Contemporary Performing Arts.

    He worked as an arranger with V. Minin, A. Utkin, S. Bezrodnaya, the Ivanov brothers, D. Malikov and some chamber ensembles.

    Since 1999, Alexey Strelnikov has been an artist and arranger with the State Chamber Orchestra «‎Moscow Virtuosi». He has written about 200 vocal accompaniments and more than 100 plays for the Vladimir Spivakov International Charitable Foundation and plays for Moscow Virtuosi, which are successfully performed in Russia and abroad.


    1989-1991. «‎Camerata Boccherini» (I. Monighetti)

    1990-1995. «‎Collegium Europae» (W. Kuijken, Holland)

    1993 «‎Academy of Ancient Music» (T. Grindenko, MGF)

    1993-2000. «‎Moscow Conservatory Ancient Music Ensemble» (A. Lyubimov, N. Kozhukhar)

    1995-2000. «‎Exellente» (E. Nepal, IYF)

    1996-1999 гг. «Ладъ» (А. Семёнов, МГФ);

    1999-2008 г. «‎Teleman – Consort» (V. Proshutinsky)

    1998-1999, 2002-2005. «‎Orpharion» (O. Khudyakov)

    1994-1996, 2000-2002 and 2008-2009. «‎The Ensemble of Contemporary Music of the Union of Composers» (Yu. Kasparov).

    2005-2006 ensemble «‎Viva, Vivaldi» (G. Maltizov, Tallinn)


    1996 – Winner of the Van Wassener International Competition in the Netherlands (as part of the «‎Ancient Music Ensemble of the Moscow Conservatory»).

    2011 – Honorary Certificate of Culture of the Kaluga Region for high professionalism, great contribution to the development of Kaluga Region culture and promotion of classical music masterpieces.

    2014 – Award of the Moscow City Government in the nomination «‎For the best implemented project in the field of culture».

    2014 – honorary title «‎Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation».


    5 CDs with the ensemble «‎Collegium Europae».

    2 CDs with the «‎Exellente» ensemble

    2 CDs with the Teleman – Consortium ensemble

    1 CD with «‎Viva, Vivaldi» ensemble

    2 CDs of the «‎Poket Symphony» Early Music Ensemble of the Moscow Conservatory

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