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  • 4 March, 2021, Thursday, 19:00

    Moscow Moscow International House of Music (Chamber Hall)

    Subscription «Moscow Virtuosi». Chamber Night"

    Programm for people older than 6 y.o.


    Alexey Lundin (violin)

    Alexey Strelnikov (violin)

    Evgeny Shulkov (violin)

    Vyacheslav Marinyuk (cello)

    Daniel Shavirin (cello)

    Leonid Bakulin (double bass)

    Mikhail Shtanko (oboe)

    Sergei Bezrodny (piano)

    1 branch

    L. van Beethoven. Ten variations for a piano trio on a theme from Muller in G Major, Op. cit. 121 А
    Performed by: Honoured Artists of Russia Sergei Bezrodny (piano), Evgeny Shulkov (violin) and Vyacheslav Marinyuk (cello).

    D.D. Shostakovich. Trio No 2 for Piano, Violin and Cello, op. cit. 67
    Perform by: Honoured Artists of Russia Sergei Bezrodny (piano), Alexei Lundin (violin), winner of international competitions Daniil Shavirin (cello).

    2 branch

    G.F. Teleman. Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in E Minor, TWV 51
    Soloist – laureate of international competitions Mikhail Shtanko

    G. Bottezini. Big concert duet for violin and double bass in A Major.
    Soloists: Honoured Artist of Russia Alexey Strelnikov (violin), winner of international competitions Leonid Bakulin (double bass)

    W.A. Mozart. Symphony No. 15 in G Major, KV 124


    The programme is performed without a conductor

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